Create your own vibe game! (Custom animations, quick and easy!)

Hello developers!

I’ve created this vibe animations script for anyone looking to make their own vibe game, it’s a pretty simple script that might help some people :slight_smile:!
(this is my first time open sourcing a script, so I am still learning :smile:)

If you don’t know what vibe games are, here’s some good ones:
Vibe Park (my game LOL)
Vibe Room
Vibe Station

Model Link

Get Started

1: Move the "VibeAnimations" local script to StarterPlayerScripts under StarterPlayer

2: Delete the README, it just redirects to this post if someone doesn’t know how to set it up
3: Export the included test animation “SadSit” if you would like to use it for testing
4: Delete the folder lastly

How To Use

1: Make a seat part

2: Make a animation instance under the seat part, you can name it what ever you would like to name it
3: Set the animation id
4: You can edit the options for each animation by creating string values under the animation instance (Speed & FadeTime)
5: You’re done, now when a player sits on the seat the custom animation will play, and obviously you can have as many seat parts as you want to with custom animations!



(Optional) Changing the default animation (the animation that'll be played when no animation instance is found inside the seat part), you can do so by:

1: Create a animation instance under the "VibeAnimations" local script

2: Name it “DefaultAnimation”
3: Set the AnimationId to whatever you would like it to be!