Created a new map

So I made a whole new map for my game called Stud Place on feedback of other players. So I wanted to see what you guys thought of it and if there’s anything I could change or add to make it feel more complete.2023-04-22T10:00:00Z

Link: Stud Place - Roblox

(If you think the game is bad, tell me what is bad and don’t say ‘’ The game sucks ‘’)2023-04-22T10:00:00Z


The game you linked is private. The thumbnail looks like a robloxia house, I’d love to check it out once it’s available ( if it is )

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Oh im so sorry its public now so you can play it

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I think the game is quite interesting and has the potential for a really great social hangout game. I’ve looked pretty much everything within the game, and I do have some critiques. I’ve taken from screenshots from within the game.

Firstly, I’d like to mention that the ‘play screen’ has a small gap at the top ( I wasn’t able to retrieve a screenshot for this because once I pressed play, it was too late ), you can fix this by going into the ScreenGui and turning on IgnoreGuiInset. I’d fix this because it sort of breaks the ‘title screen’ emersion.

Secondly, The teleporting doors at spawn are very handy for travelling, however I noticed that the ProximityPrompts only have the word ‘Interact’ on them:

Of course this is a personal opinion, however I think it should maybe say, Teleport the the sub-text being something like, maybe the name of the place you’re teleporting to, as such:
For me personally, this looks a little cleaner, and also a little more logically. I’ve also seen the NPC at spawn which tells you that you can teleport with the doors, however, The first thing I did when I joined, was look at the doors. Some people may differ in regards to what they analyse within the map first, but it doesn’t hurt to add a little more information within the ProximityPrompt.

Thirdly, this isn’t really a major one, however it does look a little odd to me:
You have ‘seconds’ then 'minutes and then ‘hours’, normally in most games, hours comes first then minutes an finally, seconds. This again is a personal preference, but to me it is a little odd.

Fourthly, I’ve noticed some texture overlay:

This really broke the emersion of the ground for me whenever I looked at it. To fix this you could probably create a MaterialVarient to make it so you can apply a stud Material instead of a texture ( Which is what I assume you’re using ).

Fifthly ( sounds weird to say haha ), I’ve noticed these random ‘land marks’ such as this star:

They are very interesting, however, they don’t really do much… I’d love to see if maybe they have some sort of unique interaction, or maybe even a little dialogue which your own character narrates such as: “How did this star get here? I wonder what I can use it for in the future…”. Things like this add a lot more intractability into your game.

Sixthly, I’ve noticed that the ‘invite friends’ button has a little bug. Whenever I click it, it opens the FriendInvitePrompt as normally, however when I go to click the button again to ‘close’ it, it doesn’t really work. I’m not sure if there’s a way to close it through a ‘non core script’, however I suggest you look through the develoepr forum for some more information about the invite friends prompt.

Seventhly. This ball which you can roll around is awesome! It adds some fun to the game, and a bit of life too. However, if the ball rolls off the edge of the map, it doesn’t really seem to respawn.

I suggest maybe making a ‘barrier’ for the ball around the island, but make it so player’s can pass through that barrier using a CollisionGroup. This way, the ball will stay on the island and won’t be able to be pushed off by player’s or other physics objects.

Eighthly, the obby is good, no critiques about it. However, I noticed that when I die, I respawn at a checkpoint in the obby. This is really annoying because if I’m let’s say, half way through the obby, I can’t exit it unless I complete it or go back to the spawn to teleport back. I suggest maybe adding a ‘teleport back’ button whilst you’re in the obby.

Ninthly, I’ve noticed that pretty much all the NPC’s have no information about them contained within the ProximityPrompt:
It’s kind of the same thing when I was talking about the door ProximityPrompts. I suggest maybe giving the NPC some life, in essence, a name and a proper character, maybe with some animations as well.

But also the ProximityPrompt displaying the name of the NPC as well as a little Talk To sub-text below.

Tenthly, I noticed that you have two, time leaderboards? One within spawn, and one within the house. I think you should remove one of them as it’s quite impractical to have two time leaderboards.

Eleventhly, I think you should just generally spice up the map with some more foliage, such as: Ferns, Different flowers, Grass, Bushes, Rocks and maybe some vines which fall from the trees. I’ve worked on a game primarily to do with studs, and I’d like you to look at some key elements which went into the build ( This isn’t my build, it’s my builders build, I just programmed the game ):

You can see that the map is very diverse, it consists of a lot of different and unique building elements. It also has ‘ground’ to the build, what I mean by that is, it isn’t just a flat plane with trees, rocks and grass on top, no, it consists of elevated ground, such as the ground which holds the house, the ground which is in the distance ( Top right ) which contains the massive tree. Same goes for the depth in the water.

For example, in your case, you can add some ferns, vines, grass, moss and maybe even some flowers to this cave:
I think it will really make the game packed with detail ( Not too much of course ) and will make it enjoyable to play for long periods of time.

I think that ends my analysis of this game. In short, I think the game is fun, it has the ‘classy’ roblox style, and in general it has potential for a social hangout game. But it wouldn’t hurt to add more features.


Thank you so much for going out of your way to help me, I really appreciate it

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I love this game with all my soul. My earlier childhood was roblox. I miss the old days so much. Thank you for creating this perfect nostalgic experience, the studs everywhere, the toby fox songs, the reused assets, the low quality animations, and the oof and jump sounds. This is my favorite roblox game. and it deserves to be played by all.

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Thank you so much for your support. Im really happy you like my game <3

I just noticed you donated me. Thank you so much!

you’re very welcome <3 you deserved it

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