Created A Realistic Island, Would Like Some Feedback ASAP!

Could I possibly have some feedback on a recent island commission? I was aiming for the style of realism. Thanks!


Good job on your island. Looks very real and great.

Very well made, the trees and plants look very realistic. The swaying trees look very nice as well.

Looks dope so far man. You’ve gotten the base layer of foliage down, it’s just about pushing it to the next level. what you have done with the trees moving gives some life in to the scene. However, I feel that the grass design doesn’t fit with the theme. Normally tropical consists of rich big plants, bushes and bright colours while here it’s giving me more of a mixed breed of a forest.

Take this image for example. This is more of an open tropical island which seems to fit more in line with what you’re trying to go for. As you can see there is a consistent theme of tropical plants, even with the bushes. There is more rocking than there are plants. That could be something to keep in mind if you want to push yourself is working with the contrast of rockage and plants for your scenery as compared to yours, this image bearly consists of any grass but rather more sand. However, that doesn’t mean you have to follow exactly what the picture is, it’s only ideas and you can modify it into whatever you choose to fancy. But hopefully, this little write-up gives you more of an idea of the “tropical” style.

Finally would be to work on your game lighting. Sounds a bit cruel I know but if your wanting to sell scenery, lighting is a massive part of it. I’d even say it’s crucial. It’s a long process to get perfect but a good way of approaching it is trying to copy the lighting of a picture (such as this one for example) as then you’re basing it on real lighting instead of what your mind thinks it’s good. Think after a couple of hours of fiddling will make your scene pop (make sure you’re using future lighting!!!)

Hopefully this helps a little man, wish you luck
give me a message if you want anything more