Created my first low poly render

I created this for @Fm_Trick for his game A Trail Tail. This is my first ever low poly scene created in C4D and Octane Renderer. I just want feedback on how I did. Thanks!

It’s meant to be bright and vibrant as well and the logo is currently in the works!


I lovee itt. Neon + Low Poly + Rainbow colors are such a great combination. Keep it up man!

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This hurts my eyes and it doesn’t seem like there’s any sort of focus point.


I did add a form of depth of field and the logo is WIP so I need to add that as well still.

What’s the main point of focus for the render? I can’t see anything that’s the main focal point.

Well it’s not on a specific object or anything. Everything in this thumbnail was created to be a point of interest for the user visiting the game. It shows off particle effects, Emotes, Colours, Color Correction and once I’ve completed the logo I can put that in at the bottom of the screen. So really it’s just to keep everything interesting for the user.

The age range for this game will be from 8+ so I need to keep it interesting and vibrant.

Also turn down your brightness on your monitor lol

Not going to tone down the brightness of my monitor just so that several layers of extremely bright neon don’t hurt my eyes.


Might want to read up on composition then. There needs to be a single main focal point that grabs the viewers interest instantly. I just saw blurs of color at first, no context or points of interest.

And might want to make the green neon a darker green to make it more noticeable, thought he had a white trail at first.

I tried and it looked quite bad.

Just trying to second what Guestcapone is saying here - you can show off multiple different aspects of your game while still having a focal point. Landscape photos, albeit open and showing many things, still have a focal point. Gameplay teasers still have focal points while also getting across what the game is about. Even to pull a more abstract example - movies like Under the Skin may seem super broad and lacking plot but they still have a point to look at. Call Me By Your Name is the same way.

When you’re making a piece of art, especially one that is used for marketing, you need a focal point for the viewer to look at. Not to say that it should detract from the rest of what you’re showing, but the image will be looked past if there’s nothing interesting to look at. Definitely look up the art of composition if you want to entice users - no one just scrolling past this thumbnail will go “oh, that’s so cool that it has these particle effects for the game!” That’s something that only people who already know about the game will appreciate. What you need to do is create a composition that does show these things (because they spice up your scene for sure and can also generate interest when looked upon further) while also having a focal point for people to see and become interested in as a result.

quick edit : this is something i’ve had to explain to my coworkers of past, but interest through confusion isn’t the good kind of interest. ambiguity is what you’re aiming for - not a lack of focus.


you find any way possible to reference call me by your name

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Whoa, looks great! Maybe you make the logo a little larger? It goes unnoticed in the corner, but it’s up to you.

Oh the game studio logo is meant to be small to make space for the main logo which is going to be put in the middle.