Create/Manage running servers

So basically, I was thinking of making a system like Battlefields’ “Rental Server Program” - I’m not sure how far that idea would go, but at least a sort of system that lets me create/manage individual servers.

This would include the following features:

  • Displayed server list
  • Viewing the amount of players per-server
  • Being able to join specific servers
  • Having a system that creates servers manually

Is this possible by any means? I’ve seen some things about displaying servers, but I never looked too far into it.
An explanation would be nice, I always love learning how these things work, and this would be a major factor in any organized game that I would release.

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Here are a few articles that may help you out:

It could be possible, depends on how you tailor your game and how the structure looks.

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Thanks! I’ll take a look at these ASAP.


local data = {

 serverID = 1305103;
 available = true; 
 number_of_players = 11;
 serverID = 28358238;
 available = true; 
 number_of_players = 20;

Using MessagingService, you can update the table by telling running servers to send data back.

MessagingService is in Beta right now meaning that “this feature … may have unexpected or unreliable behavior.”