CreatePlaceAsync() isn't copying the template's properties

I’ve been making a game that uses CreatePlaceAsync() to make copies of a places, but for some reason the places created don’t have the same properties (such as MaxPlayer, Chat Type) as the template place. They just have the default properties for a newly created Roblox place (MaxPlayers 10, Chat Type Classic). I’ve wanted to change the MaxPlayers, and Chat Type on these new places created but it hasn’t been copying properly. Posted in scripting support since I can’t post in the bugs category, or maybe i’m just overlooking something…

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There is a mini guide in the DevForum Rules explaining what to do if you find a bug report but are a New Member without posting permissions in that category: Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum

See rule 15, specifically 15.1.

Just a friendly reminder that Development Support categories are for getting help with your development work. If you don’t know what category your post fits in, can’t post in a category but have a relevant topic for it or you have any general inquiries, message a Top Contributor (either one directly or the whole group) - they’ll be happy to answer your questions!

Please follow the procedure in rule 15.1 of the rules, as described above.