Create.roblox not working at all

Whenver I try to open any reference, guide, or basically anything on create.roblox, it never works. It will load for like half a second, then go to this:

is this just a bug thats happening to me, or is it something else

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It seems like it could be just a “you” problem, as it is loading up fine for me.
If anything, make sure to check Wi-Fi, refresh the page, and check if your PC or browser needs any updates. I don’t see why this would be happening for you and not me, other than it being something on your end.

I wish you the best of luck in resolving your problem.

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Checked all these things, everythings up to date, but a weird thing I found is that it works if I use a different browser than chrome, I don’t know why it doesnt load on chrome but its pretty weird

do you have any extensions? if yes, then list the extensions

Return youtube dislike, BTRroblox, ropro, roseal, norton safe web, and chrome audio capture

Try going into BTRoblox advanced settings and disable create.enabled

it worked, didnt even know there was advanced settings in BTRoblox :skull:


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