Creating 3D Animated Game Trailers



Hey, I’m FedoraGFX, a GFX artist for 3+ years. One of my recent endeavors has been working on trying to produce game trailers of a higher quality, as well as cheaper and faster. With the latest VFX industry techniques, I have been able to get amazing results.

We currently have a team of 3 (with flexibility to hire more animators if necessary), and between us have plenty of skill to start producing full projects. Due to the amount of time it takes to produce an animation, we have not completed a full demo reel yet. However I will provide some samples from each of our team members. If you have applicable skills, then we will also be looking for artists of many kinds that are able to join us temporarily for larger projects.

  • Game trailers could be 100% animated or include a mix of gameplay and animation.
  • A 100% animated trailer would only cost around $300 (competitors can be double that or more).
  • All animations would be in 1080p at 30fps (unless higher resolution/fps is requested).
  • A 100% animated game trailer should be completed within 4-6 weeks, depending on the amount of animators.
  • 5 second animation samples can be created for your project for a small fee.

Contact: fedoragfx#1122 (discord) or @FedoraGFX (twitter)

Our team:

FedoraGFX - Project lead + 3d Generalist
GFX/Thumbnail Artist for Hire - vouches and GFX work.

JeanWithClout - Animator

LaurentGFX - Editing and Motion Graphics

He’s getting together some previous work to display- will update later


I’m interested. Is the $300 price tag for each member of the team or the complete price tag?


Complete price tag.


I would like to keep in touch for a project that I am currently leading. The project will be done in around 9-11 months now, and I would like to have an animated game trailer to go along with it. Everything about this project is classified now, but I might be able to message you in a couple of months. Fingers Crossed


Sounds good, make sure to contact me ~2 months before the release if you want the trailer to release with the game.


You will go far, Fedora! All the best!


I’m not quite sure where I would stand within this.
In my opinion, I suggest adding more to your post such as an actual showcase intro, adding more examples, etc. It’ll help myself and other Developers really get a better perspective of your work. Keep working hard and don’t give up with what you do. :+1:


Yeah I’ve noticed that everyone who seemed interested noted that we don’t have any finished work. I am working on gathering money to self fund a project that will showcase our skill and hopefully gain us some street cred


That’s nice, keep up the determination. :+1: