GFX/Thumbnail Artist for Hire



Hi! I’m Fedora and I’ve been making GFX for over 3 years. I create thumbnails, icons, ads, etc. I am NOT a vector artist. I recommend Younite or Pumpkinwhite if you need one of those.

Thumbnails are typically 1920x1080 but can be higher upon request. Thumbnails come with free icons, but they may not always be ideal icon compositions.

Time: 1-3 days
Contact: fedoragfx#1122 (discord), @FedoraGFX (twitter)

Ads: $15
Icon: $25
Thumbnail: 25-50+

Portfolios: - older work

Extra Example

Collaboration with Je_tt and Pixelslayerr

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Creating 3D Animated Game Trailers

I highly recommend hiring him! We commissioned him for our game we recently released (2nd and 3rd one) and we loved the results!


very good work here
if you need work for your game I highly suggest fedora, I’ve had business with him before and he’s a great guy to work with.



This dude taught me how to import things when I was a tiny gfx artist

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Easy to work with and delivers the quality I look for! Definitely recommend :+1:


Would highly recommend, hired him to make a few advertisements!


Made a great thumbnail render for my game. Would recommend