Creating 3D Models/Meshes for Roblox

Getting Started

Creating 3D models or meshed for Roblox is always a great option. You can create objects, tools, characters, and environments using many 3D modeling software. These models can then be imported into Roblox Studio.

Getting started with modeling you first need to chose a 3D modeling software. I will have a list of recommended software below. If you have any question on using your software there are many online tutorials and resources, mostly being on the software’s website.


After creating your model/mesh you will need to export it from your 3D software to Roblox Studio. The recommended format is FBX

To Import your model into Roblox Studio click the “Import 3D” button in the Explorer window and select your FBX file.



Roblox supports advanced features like custom materials and animations, but it has certain limitations, like exceeding the maximum triangles. This is good to know when creating your models to ensure they will work properly in your games.

Overall, modeling for Roblox can be a rewarding and is the better option than using studio in certain circumstances. With enough skill using 3D modeling software will enhance your Roblox games.

Here is a List of Recommended 3D Modeling Software

  1. Blender - Free (Recommended)

  2. 3D Max - Paid

  3. ZBrush - Paid


Good tutorial, maybe could you provide some screenshots so it guides other users more on where everything is located?


I added some images is it better now?

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Nice work. This will definitely help with newcomers.