Creating a background for a ScrollingFrame GUI

So, I’m designing a UI right now and I’m trying to figure out a way to set a background for my animations GUI to match my Sidebar that I designed. I’m having difficulties making it compatible with ScrollingFrame properties and the things I have tried either won’t scale properly, looks weird, or breaks it.

New Sidebar I designed with Animations GUI included:

Configuration of Animations GUI:

Old Sidebar:

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Quick suggestion- please try to be original, I can already see the GUI concept from a frontpage game.

You can add a background to a scrolling frame pretty easily. Just use an image label as your container, and put your scrolling frame inside that image label. Make sure your GUI is using global zindex behavior, and set the image label zindex to below the zindex of the scrolling frame.

I’ll try it out. This is also my first time actually working with UI and it’s just the most simple approach with intuitive buttons, but I’ll see what I can do.

Well, after getting bombarded about this i’m trashing the whole UI

I played around a little bit and came up with this, I still need to add tweening and whatnot, but it’s a drop down menu.

I liked your frames! In The Games!