Creating a badge should not spam your models with redundant badge givers

I do not find this helpful to development at all. Infact, it’s just spamming my models with badge givers that I don’t need and in turn it makes it harder to find models that I want to find in my inventory.

Please disable this. I understand that it is in place to be friendly to new players, but at the cost of spamming developer’s inventories and creating extra cleanup work, it is very bothersome.


This is probably more for legacy reasons than anything – I agree that it would be a good idea to stop this.

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I too agree, but perhaps to still keep it new-user-friendly there could be a setting you can toggle when first creating a badge saying something like “Create with Badge Giver”?


Creating models in inventories really isn’t a good way to do that even since badges are rarely given on touch. We don’t do it for game passes/developer products either. IMO a better way to help users would be better studio tools that could help developers with this.


I second this, really annoying to see them pop up in my inventory. They also look horrendous.

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