Creating a blackwhole effect

I’ve been wondering how to make a blackwhole / distortion / warp effect so I can use it for my Timestop mechanic from Jojo. Heres an example of what I’d like to achieve:

Got any ideas on how this could be created / achieved?

What I’ve got done atm:

I’m no expert on special effects, but…

I think that the best option for a warping effect would be to make use of MeshParts and the Glass material (at transparency = 0.5). That is if you can find something of the right shape to make it work.



(Might be me but I feel that this best fits in Art Design Support, just move the topic, no need to delete it. Though I might be wrong :man_shrugging:)

An overkill warp paired with this might get it closer to the desired effect also, add a little saturation tween change thats in the negatives to give it that “spacey warpy time stoppin” feel.

Something that might help:

(Might be disorientating to new players though, would be pretty good to have a setting to make it limited :man_shrugging:)

Also, what @ShadokuSan suggested is a good idea, you’d just need to “RenderStepped” (I think) it, to have it placed infront of the screen, then rapidly change the transparency of the glass quickly at the same time all the other effects are happening.

Also adding a little blur effect in there at the very peak would be helpful since in the video, it has a “motion” blur type effect.

The shockwave effect also needs to be a little quicker. (Easing styles may also be useful to give it that fast flow movement)

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Mind linking me that mesh?
So I can mess around with it?

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Just go to meshes in the Toolbox and search for Spiral. Only 3 results so you’ll find it quick

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Okay thanks, il try and see if that works!

I found this shell looking made it into glass and reduced the transparency but I get no effectimage

Best bet is to set the transparency = 0.5 with high reflectance

iirc the effect also only works at higher graphical settings, so if your Studio has low graphics settings on you won’t get the effect. That’s the major downside to that method.

Ahh understood, I just reinstalled studio thats most likely why.

It works but its not what I was really looking for, I was hoping for roblox to have some type of render property that would distort the screen but I guess roblox is too limited

You can look back at my post to help you with the distorting part.