Creating a boat (from a model)

I am trying to make a boat using a boat from the toolbox, I already checked scripts, nothing bad.
The boat I’m making:
The toolbox boat:
Here is a video of the toolbox boat:

Here is a video of the boat I made based on the toolbox boat:

For my own boat that I made it is just completely broken and upside down until I make my character massless which then it becomes very shaky but upright, I can’t steer, it just spins on its own, and when I press S it goes forward and W makes it go backward. I did change the values of some things like FicticousFloat because without changing it the boat just flies off into space as well as some other things but it’s even more broken without changing that stuff.
This is the script for MY boat, the only difference is with the toolbox boat it’s 10^3 instead of 10^1:

local vehicleSeat = script.Parent

local force = 25 * 10^1
local torque = 150 * 10^1

function updateForces()
	vehicleSeat.F.Force = * .5 * -vehicleSeat.Steer * vehicleSeat.Throttle, 0, force * vehicleSeat.Throttle)
	vehicleSeat.T.Torque =, torque * -vehicleSeat.Steer * vehicleSeat.Throttle, 0)

while wait() do

Any help is appreciated, I’m really lost on this one. :slight_smile:

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Please help, no one is answering and I tried looking but I couldn’t find anything else relating to this.

I’m seeing a lot of physics happening. If you strapped yourself to a small board and jumped in the water, it would also flip.

I suspect that if you increase the mass/size of the boat, the weight of the player is a much smaller influence. I’d start there. That’s how I fixed the physics of my cart/car.

Your boat is too small. Try making it bigger to support the player’s weight!