Creating A Bow String

I’m like to create a bow with a string that can be stretched and released. I’m not entirely sure how I’d go about doing the string. Does anyone have any suggestions about how I can go about doing this?

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When you pull back the string on bows it “wraps around” the area where you are pulling. While this may seem obvious, what I’m saying is that you have two lines that connect to a single point. For creating the bow string you can use two cylinder parts connected to small invisible part. The invisible part would connect to the ends of each string using a BallSocketConstraint. Then, when you want to draw the string back you can just move this invisible part.

This is a recurve bow. The ends of the bow bend, and their elasticity is what provides the tension and power. Is you are creating a recurve bow then you have several options. You can use a mesh for the bow handle. For a recurve bow you have to make it so that when you draw the string back the end of the cylinders attached to the handle grow closer together. You can do this by either resizing the handle or using mesh deformation. This would create a relatively realistic bow draw.

Your other option is to create a compound bow.

The strings would be the same way. However, instead of altering the handle you instead would have to alter the strings. Because the strings are connected to a pulley, when the string is drawn back there is more string there. To replicate this behavior you can resize the cylinders while drawing the nock part back.

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Thank you very much! My brain exploded but yes thank you aha.

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