Creating a camera within a part

I’m trying to create a recording camera in which while the player is holding it, it records everything in front of the camera on the tiny screen (just imagine how a simple camera works irl I guess)

No, I’m not trying to bind a player’s camera to a part. I have no idea how to approach this and every article I’ve found is about binding the player’s camera to a part which is not what I want to do.

Image examples:

On the tiny screen on the left, it will show everything in front of the camera lens

A tiny invisible part in front of the camera lens will be used as the camera for the screen.

Any help pointing me in the right direction of how to do this is appreciated, thanks.


A possible solution to this may be to utilize the idea seen in this post here.
Except that you would only need one ViewportFrame as a camera has 1 screen. It may appear slightly pixelated due to the nature of ViewportFrames, but I recommend you try it out and see if it gives you results you like.