Creating a custom model with humanoid

I am sorry for the bad wording in the title. The problem i am having is i am trying to create a npc model, not a normal roblox character shape. But i was wondering what i use to bind the all the legs arms and torso together because i tried weld and that didnt work. Is there some sort of rig attachment that has to be placed to allow the npc to act with a humanoid inside of it. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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A humanoid-compatible model consists of at least parts named ‘Head’, ‘HumanoidRootPart’ and ‘UpperTorso’/‘Torso’. This is essential for a rig to work using a Humanoid.

For the rigging part, you’d need to use a rig editor or custom character editor plugin etc. They’re named differently. Though, I’m soon releasing my own rig editor plugin :eyes:

is there not a way to do it without a plugin?

Why would you do this without a plugin? They are made to make your workflow easier.

And no, unless you want to hard-code the joints (without any preview of how the joints are oriented/positioned), you’ll need to use a plugin.

alright thanks for your help ill try them now