Creating a Custom NPC Using Mixed R15 Bundles

I want to create a NPC using multiple existing bundles on roblox that looks right.

The issue is, it’s very difficult, if not, impossible to create a custom NPC character using r15 bundles vs r6 since r6 characters rely on character meshes for different body parts and r15 body parts rely on meshparts which is a lot harder to change.

I tried changing the meshId value and texture to the different id so I can create a custom NPC using multiple bundles on roblox. Unfortunately, this method causes the character to appear weird looking. This is what it looks like when I use this method:

I also tried manually changing the character’s body parts position but using this method, it automatacally removes the motor6D weld which removes the possibly for animation the character.

I mixed Roblox’s Ballerina bundle pack and Queen Mab’s bundle pack to create the custom NPC which is called Queen Floral for the prototype of a boss battle game.

I want to NPC character to look more polished like this without affecting joints which should look more like this:

So here’s the question to sum it all up:
Is there a way to change the NPC’s r15 body parts while preserving the character joints?


If the character is made of MeshParts, you could manually change the mesh and texture id to match what you want, but the orientation and position would look pretty messed up and probably wouldn’t be what you were looking for. A better option would be to just arrange your custom body parts to be in the exact position/angle you want them, and then delete all previous joints and re-rig your model. Rigging a model is very simple and for a 15 joint rig it would not take very long, as well as giving you the ability to position your joints exactly where you desire. For rigging a model there are many YouTube tutorials out there but essentially what you will be doing is grabbing some joint/character creator plugin and then go around creating and positioning your joints. It really easy; here are some helpful tutorials on how to get started!