Creating A FPS Framework

Hello Everyone. This is a tutorial on how to make a FPS Framework. This is gonna be a quick tutorial so im not gonna make a open source place on the framework.

Just to let you know that this FPS Framework is not made by me. This Framework was made by a youtuber who made a tutorial on this Framework, but they deleted there tutorial so im gonna make the tutorial. Hope you like it

also we are going to add 2 guns in the Framework


When Creating A FPS Framework we need the viewmodel.


We have to add folders for the Framework to work.

Add 2 folders in ReplicatedStorage. Name one of the folders “Models” and the other folder “Modules”


The RemoteEvents are for the gun to shoot and for the animation.

Add 2 RemoteEvents in ReplicatedStorage. Name one of the RemoteEvents “FireEvent” and the other RemoteEvent “AnimationEvent”

You should have something like this

I forgot to mention that you have to put the guns in the folder “Models”


we are gonna add a bullet so the character can take damage when we shoot at them

Get this model and add it to Workspace


We need to add scripts to the Framework

First lets add the module script. When you get the module script, put the module script inside the “Module” folder in ReplicatedStorage.

Heres the model

When you put the script in the “Module” folder, duplicate it so the secondary gun works to.

Here are the scripts for the Framework to function

When you get the scripts, put the scripts in ServerScriptService

The Framework should work and look something like this

Hooray you are finished with the framework


Great tutorial! I’ll use it for my game.


Thanks for correcting me. Also the framework is outdated so when you shoot the player, the player doesn’t really take damage. You might wanna see a scripter to fix that problem

Ok, I’ll make sure to ask a scripter. Thanks.

This should probably be a resource, as there’s no “tutorial” on how this works, it’s just instructions to upload some models into a game.

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Ok I will fix that thanks for telling me

This would be considered a pretty dated tutorial then, because if what you say here is true, that implies that the script or system as a whole was made Pre-2017 before the release of FilteringEnabled.

Spreading this type of scripting around is not secure at all, and might give people bad ways of doing things since Roblox has methods to make scripts that talk to and from the server a lot more secure than before 2017.

It’s an OK resource, but I don’t think this was worth uploading to the forum since it practically cannot be used unless someone knows how to already fix the framework. If someone genuinely needs this, that probably means that they don’t know how this sort of thing works anyways.

Not to mention a lot of scripts / functions were deprecated since that time which probably also means methods of making scripts will be completely or slightly different than they used to be. When ROBLOX deprecates something, they no longer support that method. Just like how Humanoid:LoadAnimation() was deprecated in favor of having the “Animator” object under the Humanoid.

If you want this to be a good Framework, I would work on fixing it so it works better in 2021, rather than having dated code that doesn’t work anymore.

Nice try though.

Thanks for the feedback. I’m not a scripter so I don’t know how to fix the framework but if I was a scripter I would create my own framework or fixed the code but I’m not. But I decided to put this framework on devforum for people to use since the YouTuber who made the framework deleted the tutorial. I’m also learning how to script, so probably one day I can fix the code.

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