Creating a grid with consistent stroke width

Hey Robloxians!
I would like to create a grid where each stud is separated by a line. Though, I would like the thickness of the line to stay the same when you zoom out. By the way, the grid will be viewed from only one angle. Does anyone know how I could script this either using GUI or the viewport? Any help would be appreciated!
Kind regards, iamajust

Not sure about line thicknesses, but Highlights might be your answer.

Hey! Thank you for the answer, but I wonder how I could actually implement this. For this method I would basically need to make a part for every stud and use only the outline function provided by the highlight instance, but actually the client only displays 31 simultaneous highlights.

How big is your grid?
You could do a 15x15 grid using 15 of 1x15 studs on the X axis and 15 15x1 studs on the Y axis which would be 30 Parts.
If you don’t want any z-fighting (flickering) of the overlapping surfaces you can sink the 2nd group .0005 studs (yes, if you manually input it in the Properties it will work) to keep the top surface flickering to a minimum.

The other way would be to do a Texture on the top surface of a Part, then put an outline Decal in the texture with the repitition set to 1 stud instead of 4 studs.