Creating a GUI spinning wheel that has a randomized animation which lands on a specific value

How would I go about doing this? I know that rotation would be done by tweening the rotation of the wheel image but how would I calculate a point for it to land on without manually defining rotations for each “rarity”? If someone would explain the concept for this and how I would go about programming it that would be great. Thanks for reading.

Not sure if this is a good approach or not, but when it stops you could make the rotation be used to depend on which prize is won. Ex:
15 rot = 1st prize
30 rot = 2nd prize

Although for FE games, I just choose a prize on the server at random, and tell the client how far they need it needs to rotste to win that prize.

Just ensure that it cannot be exploited either. That’s why I make the server choose the prize. So it looks like it spins to select, when in reality it’s already decided of what they are going to win. The wheel is just an effect.


Thanks, got it.

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Still got time to make that post the solution? LMAO