Creating a license system using Google Spreadsheets

I’m currently selling a product where users can buy either premium or standard licenses. As of now, the way I manage them is just by having an array in the modulescript for all the premium users and one in the modulescript for all the standard users. Is there any way that I can make a google spreadsheet in which I can add values to certain sections to grant users premium/standard licenses much more efficiently? If not google spreadsheets, is there any other website I can use (besides trello)
I’m hoping there is a free one, but I’m willing to pay USD if it seems like a good investment.

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Why not use the Datastore service?

I’m looking for a way to do it on my phone and also be able to add users and remove them quickly.

I refer you to this post on using google sheets for databases. I’ve used it for a while and haven’t had any issues.

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I think I would suggest using Trello for this. It has a mobile app and a website, it’s easy to use, and has a full REST api meaning it can be used in Roblox using RequestAsync. I’m not 100% sure this fits your needs though.

I also have an idea for how you can use Trello oauth tokens to license access to data using a Google apps script. Your Google apps script can act as a sort of proxy to Trello with your bot’s key in it meaning it’ll be hidden and the user can supply the request they want to make and their oauth token linked to the bot. This lets you link each oauth token to a user, access your data using it, modify it, and return queries to the user without them having access to all of this “behind the scenes” stuff.

Also note that Trello has this API query:

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but if you use this dont you can only make a certain number url fetch calls per day, so if his game becomes popular it would cause problems using that method.

For some reason the pictures don’t show on my screen. any idea how to fix this?

The images linked were on gyazo and appear to have been deleted by gyazo. That’s probably because the creator of that post wasn’t paying for their (imo overpriced) membership.

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It’s actually there but for some reason chrome/edge doesn’t load it properly but It’s visible on Firefox:
(Also gyazo doesn’t delete images unless you specify it, membership just allows unlimited history viewing but the actual images are still there)

My bad I didn’t realize that was the case. It’s interesting that it fails to load on Chrome of all browsers :thinking:

I would recommend using a game pass instead of an external server. Then you can have a module that checks if they own the game pass and if they do run the program.

I’m looking for a way so that I can remove/add licenses on the go (on mobile). I’m trying the method in the post!

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