Creating a lighthouse beam

I want to create a lighthouse beam (light that extands far, and rotates like a lighthouse light would)

I figured spotlight would be best of this, but the range has a max of 60.

So is there a better way to go about this? I don’t want to create a part, set it to neon, etc. as that wouldn’t really create the effect I want.


Do you need the light extending really far?

Or is this just purely for visuals?

I mean, visuals ye. I want it to look as tho the lighthouse has a beam of light that rotates

Like so (except the light would only be on 1 side, not double sided)

And you can’t use a a part? Because that’s the way that most people, if not all, do it.

You can do this using a beam.


Having a part wouldn’t create a light efffect. It’d be one solid block. I need like fading edges, loosing brightness the further it goes out, etc.

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I would have two invisible parts of which both have point lights that have a continuous rotation script.


A lighthouse plays a central point in a game I am currently working on.

Here is an example of the light beam that I created:

I accomplished this by placing an invisible part aligned to the lighthouse lantern far out at sea, then attached a beam between them and tweaked the values until I had something I was happy with.

To achieve the fading affects towards the edge of the beam I used a simple white gradient as a texture.