Creating a list of servers

Hello, I need help with creating a list of all the joinable servers in my game. I don’t really expect anyone to write a whole script for me, just wondering how I would go about this. I’m trying to make a role-play game as they’re currently pretty popular, and I want a server list like the one in Maple Hospital. I am aware that there are other topics similar to this, but I can’t find one that answers my question. The closest thing I’ve found is that you need to use messaging service? I appreciate any help, thanks! :grin:

Edit: I forgot to add that the experience is organized so there is one place that is a hub and is where the player joins places, and one place that will be where the servers are. Essentially I have a place for the hub, and a place for the actual gameplay with the servers.


I really need help with this, if someone could please just point me in the right direction.

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