Creating a matchmaking system with Memory Stores

Hi there! So recently I have been looking to create a matchmaking system, and I have been looking into Memory stores to do that. Right now, I’m a bit confused about how you would go about creating something like this, so some guidance on how I should go about the system or a more in depth explanation of how I could use the memory stores would be greatly appreciated from anyone :slight_smile:

Right now, from what I can understand, you have to use sorted maps to temporarily store data from different servers using Keys and Values. It’s a tiny bit vague on the tutorial page, so I’m not exactly sure how you would actually create a sorted map and store data into it.

Any explanations and tips are welcome :slight_smile:

Personally, i wud not go thru the pain of setting up a custom matchmaking system. Instead i wud juz use this.

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Thanks! This is great :slight_smile: