Creating a multi-color Gui?

I’ve seen guis that have 2 colors somehow combined together, creating a smooth effect. How Can I create this? (without using a decal and other photoshop websites?)

I do not know what you mean, can you provide a picture?

note: Do you mean using a UIGradient?


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The effect is exactly like @ninjacookielegend said. It’s just a UIGradient.
Sadly Roblox hasn’t implemented Radial yet, it’s only Linear as of now.

You can do some fun stuff with them.

I recently made a script to make a radial gradient.

You use something called a UIGradient. You can use this to create the gradient effect to UIs. This avoids you having to use decal or textures.

The link to the UIGradient on the DevHub is provided below: