Creating a physical non-GUI 3D radar

Hello, I am making a storm chasing game, but the one thing I am stuck on is the radar. How would I go about making a physical radar? I have looked it up several times, but all I have found are tutorials on how to make GUI radars/minimaps. I am trying to make an actual radar you can walk up to, not a GUI minimap.

I have absolutely no idea how to make a 3D physical radar map. I tried setting the markers to their subjects’ positions, divided by 200, but that didn’t work and it was not close to scale.

So, how would I make a radar like this:

That accurately shows where everyone is?

(the radar map in the image was not made by me)

every player has a name and a location.

step 1: determain the scale of the map (lets say 1:100 for now)

so to get the map coordiantes, devide the real coordinates by 100

the next step is to set the origin.
coordinates are based on a point called 0,0,0 or Origin and the coordinates are just the x,y,z, distance from that point.

on the minimap you need to set a point as 0,0,0
then, whatever you want as indicator of the players, position them based on the map coordinates

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I already figured out how to make one on my own, I just created a block as a marker and set it to the position of what I wanted to track, divided by 300, and added the radar’s position to that.
Like this:
while true do
marker.Position = (object.Position/300)+radar.Position
And I made a block to represent the ground, and set its size dimensions to those of the real ground, but divided by 300.
I know I did something wrong with my old one, but I haven’t figured out what it is yet.

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Man you have no idea how this helped me. now i can finish my RTS game. Thank you bro.