Creating a place in an experience with Game Settings says it fails but actually works

Reproduction Steps

  1. Open an experience in studio
  2. Open the Game Settings window
  3. Navigate to the Places tab
  4. Click “Create”

Expected Behavior

  • A place is created and added to the list

Actual Behavior

  • No place is added to the list
  • An error message is printed in the Output view: “Error while adding place. See Output window for details.”
  • However, if you close the Game Settings window and re-open it, there is a new place in the list

This bug is also breaking an infra-as-code tool called Mantle (see relevant issue here: Creating non-starting places consistently fails · Issue #110 · blake-mealey/mantle · GitHub) and it’s an issue with the endpoint that is used to create the place:


When Mantle hits that endpoint it receives a 400 response with no additional details but the place is still created in the background.

Closing the menu and re-opening it shows the created place. However there isn’t a good workaround for Mantle’s use-case.

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Display
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2022-01-16 00:01:00 (-06:00)
Date Last Experienced: 2022-01-17 00:01:00 (-06:00)


I can confirm this issue. When I try to create a new place in Asset Manager or Game Settings I get the same error as well. Thankfully there’s a work-around for this.

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  01:35:54.103  Connecting to server...  -  Studio
  01:36:06.210  Adding Place...  -  Studio
  01:36:06.617  Error while adding place. See Output window for details.  -  Studio
  01:36:06.617  Error while adding place. See Output window for details.  -  Edit
  01:36:06.617  Stack Begin  -  Studio
  01:36:06.617  Script 'builtin_AssetManager.rbxm.AssetManager.Src.Thunks.OnAssetRightClick', Line 103  -  Studio
  01:36:06.617  Stack End  -  Studio
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Hello @M0RGOTH ! I can’t reproduce this issue, using the repro steps that you have provided. Can you send me a repro file, please?

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  1. Go to Studio.
  2. Click Create place in the Asset Manager

An Error appears in the output.

But when you refresh (close the Asset Manager and open it again), the place will display.

The bug is just an inaccurate error.

Did that… no errors in Output…

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Really? Hmmmmm.

I’m sure the OP will know more about it, because that was the only way I was able to reproduce the bug on my side.

Can you check and see if the issue is reproduced if the game is published and/or saved to roblox?

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My test experience is published… still couldn’t repro

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@nightend16 I can confirm this is no longer an issue for me for either use-case. I guess it “fixed itself” - thanks

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