Creating a Ragdoll Death System without it freezing


So, I’m Interested in finding a way to make a Ragdoll death System without it freezing most of the time, I already know how to make a Basic Ragdoll on Death System, But for some reason, It takes a couple of seconds to work properly, which I’m very confused about.

This is one version of the “Basic System” I’m referring to:
(This Isn’t the Method I did, but it is virtually similar.)

This However, Just could be a R6 Issue and not a R15 Issue.

IF it does have to do with R6, How would I prevent it?

For more Detail about this “Freezing”:
Basically its like when you die with BreakJointsOnDeath set to false, it doesn’t remove the Motor6Ds (at least I think so)

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Have you tried using :SetNetworkOwner() on the character to the player? It could be an issue that physics is swapping to the server which causes a breif pause.
Also, you should be breaking their Motor6Ds when they die manually. Make sure you’re doing it on the server, not the client. Try using a for i, v in pairs(Character) do loop in conjunction with v:IsA("Motor6D") to make it easier on yourself.
If any of this doesn’t work, could you provide more details on how you are making the ragdoll happen? (what kind of constraint you are using, if you are doing it on client/server, etc.)


Yes, I have tried that, it didnt seem to change anything, and I’m doing it on the Server within StarterCharacterScripts, The Client gives me the exact same effect

What kind of constraints are you using? For some reason, certain constraints are slow, like rope constraints.

If it helps, here’s how I made my R6 ragdolls:

When player starts ragdolling, disable their Animate script and turn on PlatformStand
Use a loop to destroy all of their M6D’s and replace them with BallSocketConstraints (Making sure to destroy M6D’s last so that the new constraint can copy everything from the M6D such as Attachment0 and Attachment1)

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This isn’t helping, its basically whats in the video, and i even said:

Virtually means: almost (depends on what meaning tho)

The only difference is that its in StarterCharacterScripts

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I have heard that for others that disabling the RootJoint inside HumanoidRootPart seems to help a little bit.

Another workaround is that you could clone the player when they join, and make the cloned model pre-ready to be a ragdoll, swapping out the real player’s character for the fake character ragdoll. (Make sure you are setting their player.Character as to avoid weird camera issues)

If you don’t want to go thru all this effort, you can simulate a ragdoll moving before it starts working by simply changing their HipHeight so that they look like they are falling to the floor before they become a physical ragdoll.

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it doesnt really change anything, I made sure to disable it, but since the code is looking for Part0 and Part1, it wouldn’t matter, so I tried deleting it, Still didnt change anything.

This wouldn’t exactly be Ideal as:

  1. It looks weird Visually when switching

  2. You would Have to make sure the Attachments are good as they can break or spas out.

Didn’t change anything after testing this.

Anyway, I seemed to have fixed it, I will still give you the solution as one of your suggestions seemed to have worked.

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