Creating a Region Based Server List

Hey! So I want to create a region-based server list that lists a list of servers. Players can join or create a server and whatnot. I also want the feature to set a region and search based on regions.

What’s the best way of doing this? And are there any good tutorials/resources you recommend?

Pretty sure all the server of roblox are hosted in the USA so doing regions based on states would just be useless

Oh well anyways, I still want to create the server browser so how could I go about doing that?

You could probably use TeleportService to create reserve servers where you recieve a code. With that code you can teleport players. Create a datastore of those codes and then display them to a player, when they select one teleport them to that reserve server using that code.

I also wanted to know if reserving servers will keep them on 24/7. Like a dedicated server?

Roblox automatically assigns players to servers which would give them more favorable connection speeds/least latency etc.

Yes I know, but I was wondering if reserving a server would keep it online 24/7