Creating a ring shaped particle

Hello! this is my first post in devforum, I apologize for any formatting mistakes and any misguidance.
I’ve been messing around with particles because I really want to make more scripts more polished but I have yet to found a solution to creating a ring shaped particle, the specific details I want from it is:

  • Able to glow and become transparent.
  • Fixed around the object, which means even if the object is moving at a high velocity rate the ring would still form around the object.
  • Able to work even on medium graphics setting
  • Particle view is fixed around the object, which means that the camera position doesn’t affect the view of the particle.
    I’ve tried creating multiple prototypes but none of them seems to fit the specification I need, such as:
  • Ring decals stuck onto a thin object welded around the object, this works fine except for the fact that decals aren’t able to glow and you aren’t able to see the ring in front, back, low, and top view.
  • Floating trails welded on to the object, now this would seem like the perfect solution to this, because the object it’s stuck on is rotating simultaneously. But, when set on medium graphics trails are really bad at keeping its curvature, and it doesn’t retain it’s fixed shape when moving around.
    Please suggest me more recommendation for how I would achieve this ring particle effect, thank you.
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Hi there,
What you’re trying to achieve seems very complex instead of using a decal maybe try making the effect itself using lighting or other effects?

Have you tried putting particles inside of attachments yet? You should be able to just set the speed to 0 and put it at the middle of your part. As for the inside being transparent, you have to do that yourself and upload a decal.

I think this may be a solution to his issue.

Could you elaborate more please? I can’t visualize what you are trying to explain and try to replicate it, I apologize.

He’s answering your question to “how I would achieve this ring particle effect”.

I know his motive, I just don’t know how I would implement this in studio because the information isn’t very clear to me.

I am not sure how to achieve all you want to achieve but let’s see:

  • You can make particles glow by setting LightEmission to 1
  • To make them stick to the object set LockedToPart to true
  • I haven’t tested on medium graphics but I am sure this can be managed with most particles
  • How to make them not follow the camera is something i too want to be able to do, hopefully someone else will know
  • As for how to make a ring particle you can follow the example on the wiki on particle effects on the bottom you will find an example using a half ring decal and maxing out particle rotation to achieve a ring
    Particle Emitters | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub