Creating a sliding door

Hi there people

I want to create a sliding door for an aircraft but frankly I have no idea how I would go about doing this.
Obviously if this door was going to be on a static object I would normally use TweenService to achieve this but since the door will be mounted on a model that will be moving around, changing orientation etc frequently I am unsure about the feasibility to use TweenService in this case.

Does studio have a Linear Actuator like feature that would enable me to create a sliding door that can still open whilst the aircraft is moving or am I going to have to do some complex scripting. Any help as to how I could achieve this would be appreciated


Just use TweenService, or CFrame. However, I recommend using TweenService as you can edit the TweenInfo properties.

I have considered using tweenservice but as the door will be mounted on an aircraft that is constantly moving the door could move to the wrong position. How would I achieve it so that it remains in orientation with the aircraft and doesn’t move to the wrong position

Theoretically, that shouldn’t happen if you add the correct position.

the destination of the position to move to will be constantly changing though as it is a door on a moving object. The only way to ensure it moves to the correct position would be to have an invisible brick in position where I want the door to move to but I am wondering if there is an alternative (potentially more efficient) way of achieving this

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You should use Motors, and tween the C0.
It’s the way it’s not gonna glitch or move to wrong pos.

I’ll have to give that a go. Thanks

Yes, the constraint you have in mind is called a Prismatic!


This is exactly what I was looking for, amazing!

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What do you mean? You could always just add or subtract the needed amount from current position instead of having a preset one.