Creating a splat map of sorts(similar to splatoon's paint map)

I’ve been working on a Splatoon inspired game with some friends, but we don’t want to use 1x1x1 parts to make the entire map, so we opted for a surface gui on each face, with a system that puts a splatter image every stud or so(that way you don’t paint an entire giant part with one shot), and that works pretty well.

I’m wondering if there’s a better way to accomplish a splat map sort of thing, since using surface guis have an issue where we can ONLY use squares, since surface guis go off of bounding box normals, not object normals.

If anyone has any examples, ideas, or really anything else that might help, I appreciate you.

A cheap way to force this to work on more complex surfaces is to simply rotate the square objects. For example, if you want a diagonal wall trim, you can just use a box at a 45 degree angle.

Now, what most games will do to solve this issue is simply place down a decal normal to whatever surface is hit, kinda like what many people do for bullet holes on walls. To fix lag issues, you can make it so that nearby paint splatters will merge, and a new paint splatter will only be placed if it isn’t overlapping another.

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Yeah that’s basically what we have now, and as for the rotating boxes for the diagonal, I was hoping to find a solution that isn’t doing that, but it’s all fine, roblox just isn’t made to really do this sort of thing that easily

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