Creating a Team for a Class-Based Shooter Game


Hello! I’m BouncingBrenda, otherwise known as Braydon. I’m looking for other, more skilled developers to form a team to create a class-based shooter game similar to things such as Overwatch, Paladins, and Team Fortress 2.

I have quite a few ideas in mind for this game, but I know that I simply won’t be able to do it myself. The game is similar to games like Paladin and Overwatch in the sense there are 5 classes-- each with their own special abilities and an ultimate move. However it’s similar to Team Fortress 2 in the way that instead of set characters, you pick a class and are able to customize the character to your liking. I have some things written down that are more specific, but I feel like I shouldn’t share it here.

I can’t really afford to pay much or anything at all, however I’m more than willing to give a huge majority if not all of the profit from the game to those who help. I hate saying this because it puts a risk of worrying if the game is even successful enough to make any profit, and I definitely wouldn’t like to waste anyone’s time.

What I Can Do
Still here? That’s awesome! Before I state what I’m looking for-- here’s what I can do.
-Minor, more amateur scripting.
-Minor building.
-GUI design, teasers/etc.

What I’m Looking For
What I’m looking for is…
-High-level scripters who can do things related to a first-person class-based shooter well. (i.e. being able to create guns and make the arms face the camera because i couldn’t figure it out for the life of me)
-Builders (not required at first, but we’ll need maps eventually.)

I know this post comes off as kinda desperate and sad, which I mean it really is lol but I really really want to make a game like this, and I think it could be really successful! I would try and just do it myself but I’m not really all that good when it comes to complex things. (and really anything with math) I know offering to help would be a risk in the fact the game could flop and everyone’s time would be wasted, and if that were to happen I’d definitely do my best to make sure everyone involved got some type of payment even if it’s not all that much.

ROBLOX: BouncingBrenda
Twitter: @Braydxne

Thank you for reading!


Can you clarify how much of a percentage we would get if we decide to help? I’d be interested in possibly helping.




I’m more than willing to not receive any profit myself if it means all who help get more! That’s something we would discuss later on.


Q-Clash is a character-based class shooter. This idea is a bit different and follow a custom character in with multiple classes like Team Fortress but abilities similar to that of Overwatch/Paladins.


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