Creating a union causes Studio to crash


Anyone have any clue why whenever I union multiple parts together studio ends up crashing? Has anyone experienced this? I don’t believe it has anything to do with my device but if there’s any explanation / remedy anyone has, it would be nice of you to be able to share them with me.


Are you able to provide a simple repro file or is it whenever you try to union anything like even just 2 standard parts?


The problem should be resolved now, but it’s pretty weird. It may happen again though. I will send you a file when I am able to


If it is a lot of parts, it might sometime crash, but if it is a few parts, then it is probably a bug


I believe so, yeah.


I’ve experienced this issue on multiple occasions it’s usually due to the fact the calculation is to complex to handle which results in studio just outright crashing. I now tend to union smaller parts of a model together then unioning all of the smaller parts into a larger one step by step; this tends to avoid crashing.

I also utilise an extremely useful plugin which does that tedious task for you, if you’d find it helpful you can check it out here:

Hope this helps.


You will probably keep experiencing this in the near future, i would suggest to use Blender or Maya, it have a much more powerful “CSG”.


Sweet! Thanks for the plugin


When you union something it actually makes more triangles than what the parts originally had when non-unioned i found out, and if you are unioning multiple parts then it creates a ton of triangles which then crashes studio. That’s what I got told from someone but do correct me if i’m wrong.