Creating a Vehicle that moves with bodygyro etc ( Jailbreak like )

Title say it all. I kind of know how the general system works due to the roblox default white jeep BUT the problem with this jeep is that it cant change the acceleration. It instantly speeds up to max speed and also goes in reverse in maxspeed.
Anyway or anyidea on how to fix this? If so please leave a little code below because I dont know how to even get started with this.
Dont worry doe, im pretty decent with scripting, just never done physic stuff.


you may want to have a look through this

this should help you out alot.


If you’ve understood how the jeep works- this shouldn’t be an issue.
The way you go about this depends on the realism that you want the vehicle to have. If you want to realistically simulate a car, then you’d need to have systems such as gearing which would increase the force given out by a body force.

In future, please do some research before blindly making a post, there are plenty of duplicate posts out there- don’t just ask for code, this is more laziness than a difficult problem.

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Onto what DaR3ka has said, there are a few working chassis out there you can use, for example A-Chassis.

If you want a chassis like Jailbreak then I highly suggest using the Jeep.

Sorry DaR3ka, didn’t mean to replay to you.


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