Creating a walking character fade effect

Hello, DevForum!

I’m currently revamping my old DASH system, and I had in mind this type of effect:

Obviously, this is very crude, but it’s meant to show you what I mean.

I know I am able to duplicate the character, and offset the HumanoidRootPart using Vectors, but my issue is, how do I get the animation to show up on these clones? Say the player was walking, how could I capture the position of each part on the clones?

if you’re confused, think of it like a snapshot of the character walking, so as they walk the previous snapshots of them walking are put behind the player, and the older snapshots deleted.

I just need a tip in the right direction on how to capture the position of each part of the player and put it on the clone!


I’m not completely sure what you’re asking. But if you just wanted a snapshot of the character and their position at time x then you could just clone the player’s character. You could then anchor and set all the children of the new character’s CFrames to match those of the original character.

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Problem is, when cloning the character, it clones it as a still model, as if you used a character inserter. This means the animation & state of all of the part locations aren’t saved.

If the player had there arm’s raised up, it would duplicate the player with their arms to the side

Right. But if you used a for loop which ran through the original character’s children and matched the positions with the new character’s children it could work.

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I am trying to think of a more efficient solution, as I have to do this 3 times in pretty quick succession, but I’ll do some tests using this strategy.

I haven’t got a lot of experience in animation and selecting frames but I’m pretty sure you could find the frame of animation at which the char is duplicated and then set that to the new character. I’m not sure if this would be an any less expensive solution though.

You could probably use a combination of AnimationTrack | Roblox Creator Documentation and :Stop() to make it freeze at that position. I think the best way you could implement this method would be to use set keyframe points in the animation at which the character is cloned.


I guess, I’ll try it out, and also finish making the previous suggestion.