Creating an administrator join GUI

I’m trying to create a GUI that appears whenever a group admin joins the game, and right now I can only get it to appear on the admin’s screen. It’s supposed to appear on everyone’s screen whenever the admin joins, but I can’t figure out how replicate the GUI to everyone’s screen whenever a specific player joins.

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Put the GUI in StarterGui, and a remote event with a fitting name under ReplicatedStorage. Then in a script in ServerScriptService, connect a PlayerAdded event, and check in the function if the player is an admin. If they are, fire the remote event from earlier passing in the player’s name. Then in a local script inside the GUI, connect the remote event to a function which will display the GUI.

This is using the method Extuls stated.

I made you a sample rbxl for this.
There are 2 scripts that do all the work and 4 major variables that you get to change.

Server Script Variables:
- GROUP_ID, Your GroupId goes here.
- ADMIN_RANK, The Rank of Admin on the group. Example shown below.
- TEXT, The text shown when the Admin joins the server.

Local Script Variables:
-TIME_UNTIL_CLOSE, The time until the Gui closes that will pop up.

This is what I mean when i’m talking about the ranks: image

Here is the rbxl for my sample: Sample.rbxl (17.3 KB)

Both scripts are located in ServerScriptService and StarterGui


I copied the sample place you created, but it doesn’t seem to be working. I changed the variables for the group ID, and the group rank, but when I joined the game, the GUI didn’t appear. I also tried copying it into one of my published games to see if it would work, however that didn’t fix it. I don’t know why it’s not working, because I don’t see any errors in the scripts or the output.

hmm did you configure it right because it worked for me?


Nevermind… I had accidentally added a number to the end of the group ID without noticing. I didn’t catch it until I went back and checked my configurations.

No problem, glad it works.