Creating and playing a tween with a delay, after a tween with the same tweened property, overwrites previous tween?

Say I create a new tween that will tween the CFrame of a part. It has a length of 1 second, with no delay.
Then, I create another tween that tweens the CFrame of the same part. It has a one second delay.

If I were to play these two at the same time, I would expect the first tween to play, and then one second later, the second one to play. But instead, it seems like the second tween is overwriting the first one, even with the delay.

Anyone know if this is intended behavior?

You could use the Tween.Completed event and then wait 1 second like this:

--[[To add the 1 second delay there are 2 ways: 
1- This one im doing
2- Adding the 1 second delay at the TweenInfo (One of the infos are delay to start)]]

-- If you made the second way then you can delete the wait(1) and just play it.