Creating body movers on client for parts on server

Long story short, if I create a part on the client and create body movers for it on the client everything runs fine. If, however, there is a part created by the server and then the client inserts its own body movers into the part, the client isn’t seeing the effect of the body mover. I’ve unanchored the part, set cancollide to false, broken the joints, set all surfaces to smooth, etc, etc, and yet the body mover has no effect upon the part. Filtering Enabled is on so I would expect the effect to occur on the client yet it doesn’t. Any ideas?

It’s more of a workaround, but try cloning the part on the client and delete the original so it’s a different object - then you should be able to mess with it.

You’d need to create a manual replication system to restore the server’s connection with that general part, though.

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Your problem might be a network ownership one:


what @loleris said

This one determines who renders the psychic of a part, Server or Player

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Thank you!

The “Thank you” at the end of your post sounded suspiciously cold. At least add an exclamation mark lol


My main concern about this is that my events are supposed to load on each individual client. An example of how this should look is here:

but on servers, the client sees this instead:

I believe you’re correct about the network ownership. It would be a massive pain to transfer network ownership to the clients though. I believe EmeraldSlash may have the answer in recreating the parts on the client. It’s unfortunate that I need to resort to this because I would expect any BodyMovers created on a client to take effect on that client. Ah well. Thanks for the heads up guys and if there are any slightly less arduous work arounds, let me know :slight_smile: