Creating clouds

I recently saw a post in the what are you working on thread (

The clouds look fairly realistic for Roblox standards and I’m curious how the affect was achieved. For example, should I use particles or meshes? I’ll use noise to actually generate the placement, I just don’t know how to get that visual effect.


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I’m about 90% sure these are particles with cloud sprites. I don’t think using meshes to achieve this would be optimal.

Do you know where I could get cloud sprites?

create them yourself using Photoshop. its the best way and also prevents you from getting punished for copyright frigmentations. but to be honest rereading the link you posted i genuenly got no clue how it’s exactly done aside from what the post said. Your best guess is to either ask around on several chats (this can mean also the devforum discord) or ask the creator itself.

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I don’t really know GFX stuff but thanks for the help

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@hozzdale mentioned in that post that he’s using perlin noise. Idk for sure, but it looks like he’s using particle emitters to generate the actual cloud in the game, which is a clever idea.

Basically, you generate a heightmap using noise and use that to know where to place the clouds. Due to noise’s characteristics, you can make the algorithm a function of time & thus simulate clouds that are moving and morphing into different shapes.


Yeah I’ve already got the perlin noise working and can place clouds with it. The issue is that my current ones are just basic smoke effects so I want to know how to make it a lot more realistic.

Hello! Thanks for your attention to my work! I’ve been super busy these recent weeks so I’ve only just noticed your interest in my creation.

I used perlin noise with various factors such as resolution, radius of the map size, size of each chunk and likelihood of cloud coverage!

Regarding the clouds, I used a similar method which many many gaming companies off of roblox utilise. I’m not quite sure what the name is, but it definitely isn’t Billboard Guis or Particle Emitters. The way it works is by using a 2d plane with a cloud texture (like a Billboardgui or particle emitter), but instead making it face a target part using CFrame (rather than making it face the camera). In any case, the target part can be the body’s torso or the main part of a vehicle. I also used distance calculations to make them realistically disappear if you got close enough to them (so they dont do weird stuff and go all over the place when you get close enough).

Hope this helps!

P.S. I also used some cloud textures (made from scratch by 3d-modeling them and taking pictures so they look 3d but on a 2d plane!)


So you’re putting a decal on a flat part and facing it to a part? It’s a really clever method. Could you release the textures? I have 0 clue how you made them :joy:


Unfortunately not as I’m using it for a current project. But they aren’t hard to make!


Is it just one cloud mesh and you take a few renders of it at different positions and sizes?

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I made multiple models and took different angles of the models.

Yeah I’ve just done some research and it seems pretty easy to do them:

With the clouds in game, do you just put them on a decal and face the part to the player or is it something different?