Creating 'fake' player instances

im trying to create fake player instances to fill out leaderboards on servers, to trick people into thinking NPCs are actually players.
however, when i try to create a player through "“Player”) i get hit with
“The current thread cannot create ‘Player’ (lacking capability WritePlayer)”
i’ve also tried game.Players:CreateLocalPlayer() but i got the error
“The current thread cannot call ‘CreateLocalPlayer’ (lacking capability LocalUser)”

i dont even really know if its possible to make fake players, which is why im asking

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You are going to have to either create and modify the pre-existing leaderboard gui (it’s probably on a public github somewhere) or code your own loaderboard.


roblox’s default leaderboard is locked behind CoreGui which you can’t access by normal means at all, so ill make a custom one

You can access the UI but not the code. Test play and copy paste the UI

how do i access it then

let me post this please

youll have to do some digging but make sure its enabled and it will be in coregui (client sided only ofc)

i meant i literally cannot get coregui because its inaccessible without exploiting or being roblox

CoreGui is completely accessible in Studio via the Explorer while play testing

PlayerList.rbxm (21.6 KB)

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i have literally no idea how you did this, i looked for both “Playerlist” and “CoreGui” in the explorer when i playtested earlier and saw nothing

It can be found in FILE > Studio Settings > Scroll down to “Explorer” > Show Core GUI in Explorer while Playing


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