Creating functions inside of functions does not auto complete

Roblox Studio won’t add in the end) or end when you put a function inside a function.

This happens only in Studio.
I do not know when this started happening, but it always happens for me.


Number 1

In a script type:

function studiobug()

and then press enter/return. It should not add in


like it is supposed to.

Number 2

Even creating for loops inside of functions won’t work!

This is basically the same as Number 1.

local studioBugTable = {"Number 1","Number 2"}

function studiobug()
	for i, v in pairs(studioBugTable) do	

and then press enter/return. It should not add in


Any type of function will not insert end) / end when you put it in a function.


Here are two demos that will give you a better idea.

The End!

Just a quick notice: There is no crashing, freezing, or anything else.


confirmed happening to me as well


Needs fixing :weary: such a pain having to manually add it in every single time


It always inserted for me until recently, where it just stopped, now, end will never be inserted inside a function automatically


I may have a similar issue, except for me, functions/while loops do not insert end/end) at all. I always have to manually type an “end/end)”.

Same has been happening to me too, autoindent also seems to be acting up on else and elseif statements.


Can we please get some sort of word on if this is being taken seriously :roll_eyes: really hinders any progress with coding

This happens to me all the time and it gets really annoying.

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There is another thread reporting this issue: Autocomplete Not Working in ModuleScripts

It has a staff response from a little over two weeks ago so a fix should hopefully be on its way:

I have also been experiencing this for quite a while now.

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Hi, usually when you type “while true do” and then press [Enter], It’l create an empty line as well as “end” on the line below. However, that does not happen for me and instead when I press enter, nothing happens. No extra line, no “end”. It recently started happening and it is bugging me out.

Here are some pictures to better describe the bug I’m having.

Say you were going to make a while loop. Once you type “while true do” and press enter,

An extra line and “end” would appear. However when I press enter after typing “while true do”,

I get nothing, but an error.

I can confirm this happens with anything else that inputs an empty line and “end” like function, or for loops. To recreate this bug, insert a script anywhere, go into the script, type “while true do” and press enter.

Additional Info:
My computer specs are:

  • Processor: Intel Core i5-8400
  • Memory: 8 GB
  • GPU: Nvidia GT 1030
  • Monitor Refresh Rate: 144hz

Here is the log file that has been uploaded at the closest time the issue started happening for me: log_77A0D_1.txt (7.3 KB)

Hey guys! Fixing is on the way and we will release another patch to get rid of this annoying bug in the May. Sorry for waiting!


Hey TechnicalHost, thanks for sharing this issue! I just wonder know what’s the difference between your first enter and second? Looks like you can get ender-complete for first enter but second enter doesn’t?

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When I type “while true do” and press enter, I don’t get anything. Usually what’s supposed to happen is that when you press enter on “while true do” you get an extra line along with an “end/end)”.

Ohhh, that’s weird, I cannot reproduce this issue. Are you using any beta features?

I don’t think so, should I show the version of my Roblox Studio?

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