Creating our own shaders

I’ve found something interesting with the fog properties, I let you see what I did:

This behavior gave me ideas, why not creating our own shaders with a bunch of new properties into the lighting.
So I ask if it could be possible to create functions or properties to do this rendering more easier and stable.
I have no idea how this is working, and what could be the new properties, I think some people know and I let them explain, I don’t want to say some dumb things.



I actually really want this

I’d be able to give my game a more cartoony/ toon shading feel to it.

But I’d also like stuff like this:

I reckon an option for preset shaders in the Lighting service would be great.

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As Stravant pointed out to me a while back, creating your own shader functions would be a security hole that you don’t want exposed on a platform like Roblox. Search up “WebGL security” if you want to know why.

However, I do like the idea of having a set of pre-defined PP shaders as options in the Lighting. Motion blur would be one I’m highly interested in, for instance.