Creating our own shaders

I’ve found something interesting with the fog properties, I let you see what I did:

This behavior gave me ideas, why not creating our own shaders with a bunch of new properties into the lighting.
So I ask if it could be possible to create functions or properties to do this rendering more easier and stable.
I have no idea how this is working, and what could be the new properties, I think some people know and I let them explain, I don’t want to say some dumb things.



I actually really want this

I’d be able to give my game a more cartoony/ toon shading feel to it.

But I’d also like stuff like this:


I reckon an option for preset shaders in the Lighting service would be great.


As Stravant pointed out to me a while back, creating your own shader functions would be a security hole that you don’t want exposed on a platform like Roblox. Search up “WebGL security” if you want to know why.

However, I do like the idea of having a set of pre-defined PP shaders as options in the Lighting. Motion blur would be one I’m highly interested in, for instance.


It’s sad that this isn’t possible,I could really use a feature to override what a pixel sees in Roblox like in unity since any other way I try it results in a buggy mess.

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i mean roblox is working on a dynamic image property, and if they added a get pixel from the screen feature it would be possible!

How interesting. I thought this post was quite recent, but apparently it’s not. 9 years old. Anyways, about the shaders, I definitely like the idea of having more properties for lighting, but personally I’m fine with what we have currently.

With custom shaders, making realistic water would be way easier and performant! I totally agree with this!


This would be pretty bad on perfomance because it’s processed on the cpu instead of gpu.