Creating Pool With meshes

So guys basicly i am trying to make a workable pool with meshes wha i mean ny that is that i made the shape of pool inside the blender and i am trying to make it as water so it is a workable pool
My issue is that the Part to terrain doesnt work with meshes so i dont know how to do it

  • What is the issue? (Keep it simple and clear - Include screenshots/videos/GIFs if possible)
    I have tried to search it on youtube but the only thing i found were about turning parts into water nothing else

If anyone could help me i appreciate it
Thank you!
And Have a good day!


Do you have a picture of the area where you gonna put the pool

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Export the pool as an obj. Then make a MeshPart and import it there. After, you can easily make some water inside.

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Okay, i am going to try that, thank you!

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It didnt work either but still thank you!

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Nop… Not yet, i am waitng for my friend to place me in, right now i am doing it on studio
I guess i will just make it fully with roblox studio…

What step didn’t work? Did you export it successfully as an obj.?

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Yes, but when i tried to use the part to terrain plugin it didnt work, like on the mesh shows a red thing because u cant pass them to water, but on parts works

Import a MeshPart then show me please