Creating Realism in Lighting is tedious.. But Not Impossible!

Lighting is one of the most impactful additions to any game. In a way, it can make or break an aesthetic if executed incorrectly. This is why I did my research.

As of the last few months, I have been working on creating the most realistic lighting possible within a game. To do this, I actually had to go outside. (LOL) After watching clouds variate, how the sun influences the color around me, and what shadows look like at different times of the day, it gave me a wonderful idea of what it should look like.

As Roblox has its limitations in terms of realistic models, finding them can be a bit hard. Some realistic models don’t interact with the sun how they would in real life. However, this comes close to how I want it to look! In terms of development, these are only the first steps in the overall idea/endgame (like the actual game mechanics). If you feel like something should be changed or altered, please do comment!

I’d really appreciate it!

Here is my game! I’ve posted about it once before, but man, big changes!

Thanks for your time!


It’s really cool. But I feel like the atmosphere is a bit too glowing. Like maybe a bit more fog.

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Really epic lighting. I know that this post mainly aims for the lighting, but one thing that bugged me while playing and walking around is that the textures (for example on bushes) are kind of blurry, which can be solved using multiple textures if the max resolution limit is the case, or to create own textures if the already existing textures are low resolution.

I hope you do something good with this game / place because the lighting looks really good :slight_smile:

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Oh! I should have also mentioned that there is a day/night cycle! Really good points as well, I realized that you were right after checking the skybox. Thank you for your input!

I have seen that. At first I thought it isn’t there, but as I analyzed it, I figured out it moves really slow, unlike other games where the time goes by too fast, so that is a bonus point. Maybe you could make it even slower like real life but I don’t think anyone’s gonna wait 24 hours for it to fully rotate :sweat_smile:

TRUE. I was going to have it set to the player’s PC time, but I hadn’t done it. Think it might be cool tho.

Definitely would be cool! Watch out for timezones though.

I did end up figuring that out thankfully, if you add or remove hours from the local gmt time that roblox provides through scripting, you can create time zones. I have so many ideas for this, but not nearly as much time as I used to Lol

Maybe someone will make an animal crossing game with this knowledge, it’s totally possible!