Creating realistic weather with rain

I’m currently setting up weather (rain in particular atm) However there’s some issues in terms of the lighting/sky/etc.

During the day

During night

As seen from the screenshots, rain particles while the sky is sunny and bright just looks bad in general. I have an inbuilt day/night system, which just cycles thru the time of day. Now my first thought was to just have it so when it rains, set the time of day to later in the afternoon when it was a lil darker, thus making it look like it was actually really raining. However I can’t do that, as my day/night system needs to stay running on a constant loop, as I’ve got days of the week as well cycling (mon-sun) and so the actual time of day has to be constantly moving forward and can’t chop and change depending on the weather.

So my question is, are there any settings/skyboxes, etc. I can use to make this whole scene a little more realistic?

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You could potentially lower the overall brightness (in lighting) while it rains to get the desired effect, or use ColorCorrectionEffect to essentially do a similar thing. At night you could have it become foggy (also in lighting) in order to help add to the mood.

For the sky itself I’d recommend either putting local 3D/2D clouds above the player or use a skybox with clouds.


I’ve run into some stumbling blocks with designing a weather system too. Night rain is not something I’m too too concerned about—considering the sky would be black anyway, I guess—but day rain is, considering I want the sky to reflect what a storm should look like.

If you’re looking for skyboxes, here’s a pack which contains mostly sunny/partly-cloudy skyboxes. Make sure to use the sunless ones. If you want cloudy/stormy ones for rain, honestly just search free models for them, there’s a ton of random ones in there to use.

I think a temporary solution, at least for me, until dynamic skyboxes are released, is to decide the weather for the day before the day begins, and then switch the skybox appropriately during the night so that the change isn’t as abrupt.

By the way, OP, though this is unrelated, I think you should darken the night in your game, using OutdoorAmbient and/or Brightness, as it’s really bright right now. It might make your game look a lot better!