Creating road layout in 3D modelling software to reduce lag?

Hey everyone!

I am creating a very large map, which is 10x10k. And I am now creating the roads, but I am aware using plugins like Archimedes can create high Tri counts, making the game much more laggy than needed.

My question is - If the roads were created in 3d modelling software and imported to the game, would this be effective at all? In addition, would it even be possible? Because, my terrain changes in height, so I would technically need the terrain to be exported so the roads are perfect? And then only importing the roads back into studio.

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Make them in studio, export them to blender, clean them up, reimport them.

I wouldn’t suggest taking the entire road system into blender, however I would personally do it in chunks.

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I made a road system in blender once. Using curves really helped. You could export your terrain and build on top of that or make a road in studio that has all the elevations n stuff and either edit it as said by SwitchedDreams or make a new one following the old one as a guide.

There is an import tri limit so yeah, separate it into sections. It makes it a lot easier if you get the scale right and import with location (that way you don’t have to move the pieces into place)

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