Creating Simple UI with the one and only... WPS Office! ( Step By Step UI Guide )

But that’s just you complaining about M365/Office looks worse, The M365 UI has colored icons and even a colored titlebar. And in most recent days, they now have a floating ribbon ui which i have

I think it’s pretty clear that this is obviously intended to people who don’t want to spend.

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isn’t powerpoint free if you have a school account???

Some schools have restrictions as to where or how you use the account that the school provides and no,to answer your question, I don’t think PowerPoint is available with school accounts ( talking from experience ).

I think you guys have taken the original context out of my topic.
My topic is for people that do not have access to certain User Interface programs/software.

I will take this into consideration for my future UI Tutorials…

Microsoft’s Office 365 doesn’t exactly give you a free license if you have a school email, your organization has to purchase it first.

For example for me, the college pays all the licenses under the resource scheme however some other things you can get for free with a school email, such as github pro.

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This is awesome!

I think many people forget just how many image manipulation tools office software has these days! For those who just want to combine two images, blur images or change image hues, office software can really get the job done!

Nice work :slight_smile:

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