Creating slipstream for the default roblox car kit

I used to play a bit of racing games back when I was younger on roblox, and I decided to come back to them. I noticed not many using the default roblox car kit have any form of Slipstream (drafting) which is used to speed up the car. I had the idea of having it when the car touches a part called “Slipstream” it would change the cars MaxSpeed up by 25 or so. This is currently what I have attempted to use.

I am fairly new to scripting things like this so I decided to ask in here.

There are a few models by GeorgeTheDev, but it depends if your car is Tank Chassis. The one that George made is for Tank Chassis not A-Chassis.

Its tank yeah. I will try it. I will let you know how it is.

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If you think the draft speed is to slow you can change it in the script, I’m not sure if there is an instruction though.

I wasn’t able to find it, do you have a link by any chance?

Uhm, there isn’t a model BUT there is the script. This script is here:

(Drafting Speed)

local maxdraft = script.Parent.MaxSpeed + 25

function onTouched(hit)
if hit.Name == “Draft” and script.Parent.Parent.VehicleSeat.MaxSpeed <= maxdraft then
script.Parent.Parent.VehicleSeat.MaxSpeed = script.Parent.Parent.VehicleSeat.MaxSpeed + 5
script.Parent.Parent.VehicleSeat.MaxSpeed = script.Parent.Parent.VehicleSeat.MaxSpeed - 5


– Made by GeorgeTheDev


m =“Hint”, game.Workspace)

while true do

m.Text = “The 2018 NASCARs were created by GeorgeTheDev”



Should be looking like that ^^^

All credits go to him (GeorgeTheDev)

If you need more info or you’re struggling you can DM me on Discord (Ummmm#5077).